Digital Marketing Insights 2016

Survey of experts

We would like your opinion on digital marketing strategies. We want to understand which digital marketing strategies you consider to be the most effective and what role the individual strategies play within your branch.

Continuous study

Digital Marketing Insights is a long-term study in which we record new developments on a regular basis. What has changed? How do I distinguish between the hype surrounding the relevant strategies? We provide orientation.


Digital Marketing Insights is an initiative by the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart (Stuttgart Media University). We work closely together with a network of experts in order to find a reliable overview.

About the digital marketing strategy

The youngsters are familiar with the tools, but they fall short when it comes to the overall context. The oldies are familiar with the big picture, but they don’t know how to work with it. Particularly when it comes to digital marketing, there is not just a skills gap, but rather general confusion regarding the selection of the right strategies and activities.

Which of the countless tools should I use? Which of the postulated strategies will help me to reach the concrete goals I have set for myself? There are huge amounts of material available on the subject of digital marketing, but only very few of these materials come from a neutral source and are scientifically substantiated. There is a crazy amount of information available free of charge, but who will help me to focus on it and to get active in the right place? This is where Digital Marketing Insights comes in. Together with our students, we prepare and edit the current state of knowledge, develop comprehensive models and test them according to scientific methods. At Digital Marketing Insights, we are oriented towards the long term. We want to watch the development over the years and help you by guiding your attention to the right issues – the important issues. Together with the experts, we have built up an additional pool of knowledge. Every piece of information makes a contribution towards our being in a position to give even clearer recommendations for action. If you would like to be part of Digital Marketing Insight’s pool of experts, please enter your details here. You will then also receive the results of the study when it is published.

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